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In Spain alone, there have been about 30 fires that firemen have been battling.

Across Europe, wildfires have erupted due to a widespread heatwave. A large number of individuals were compelled to flee their residences, and rescue attempts were immediately put in motion.

French temperatures reached 40 degrees Fahrenheit over the weekend, while some sections of Spain saw temperatures rise to 45 Celsius. 421 deaths were due to the heat between July 14th and 17th, according to the Portuguese Ministry of Health.

Thousands of people have been forced to flee their homes as a direct result of the fires.

Is there a chance that wildfires could cause the cancellation of vacations or flights in these tourist-friendly countries at this time?

Do you know which regions of Spain have been worst affected by the recent wildfires?

A number of places in Spain have been affected by the severe heat, with some areas hitting 45.7 degrees Celsius.

Helicopters splashed water on the raging blaze in Casas de Miravete, a town in the region of Extremadura. Two communities had to be evacuated as a result of the fire.

As a result of a fire in the Mijas hills, which are located near to Malaga's renowned tourist destination, more than 3,000 residents had to evacuate their homes.

There were visible plumes of smoke rising from the coastal hotels and apartments of Torremolinos, which is located in Malaga. At the moment, these vacationers were on the beach.

As police cars with their sirens on drove down the road, everyone was told to leave the area. Don't bother. Vacationer John Pretty, from the United Kingdom, told Reuters that there were no instructions on how to get around the city.

Jean-Marie Vandelanotte, a Belgian tourist, described the situation as “frightening…because you don't know what's occurring.” “It's a nightmare.”

Further fires broke out in the northwest regions of Spain, including the provinces of Castile and Leon and Galicia.

It has been announced that Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez will begin this week by visiting Extremadura, where some of the worst damage has occurred.

Do you know which parts of France have been hardest damaged by the recent wildfires?

The southwest is the name given to the region in southwest France that has been the hardest impacted by the flames. A number of magnificent wildfires have ravaged parts of the Gironde region in southwest France.

Bélis, a town in the southwestern region of the country, reported the hottest temperatures last week. Teste-de-Buch and Landiras, two nearby towns, were also hit by the storm.

The Gironde fire burned over 10,000 acres on Saturday as local fire departments battled to put it out. Because of the fire, over 14,000 people had to leave their homes.

Langon's deputy prefect made this comment to the media: “We have a fire that will continue to spread as long as it is not stabilised.”

Around 16,000 people have been displaced from their homes in the southwest as a result of the flames.

Currently, 38 of France's 96 departments are under an orange alert, which encourages citizens to take additional care while the heatwave continues to rage.

Since the wildfires started, where in Portugal have they had an impact?

Portugal has gotten some relief from the strong heat after several days in a row with temperatures of 40 degrees Celsius or higher during the previous week. This has allowed its fires to be contained to a large extent.

A record-breaking 125 fires were reported nationwide on Saturday, making it the most active day of the year so far. The next week, temperatures are forecast to hit 43 degrees Celsius.

A total of 1,000 persons died from heat-related ailments in Spain and Portugal during the month of July.

Is there anything else that's been affected?

Wildfires sparked by the recent severe weather have scorched parts of Morocco and Crete.

There have been more than 1,300 people evacuated and thousands of firemen sent to the northern area of Morocco.

A fire that had been raging in Crete's Rethymno district was extinguished on Monday, according to local media reports.

While some areas of Turkey, Hungary, and Croatia have been impacted by the cyclone, they haven't been affected to the same level as France and Spain.

Are there any flight cancellations due to the flames at this time?

Flights may be cancelled if enormous plumes of smoke are spotted rising above countries on a given airline's flight path.

Flight cancellations to or from France, Spain, and Portugal have as far not been reported by any of the major airlines.

The Met Office has issued an official warning that roads may be closed and flights may be cancelled due to the excessive heat in the UK.

Has a holiday been rescheduled because of the fires?

Due to the wildfires, there have been no instances of tour cancellations or holiday packages being cancelled by tourists.


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