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X Tactical Watch Precio Mexico: Reloj inteligente táctico V3! 1190 MXN

By admin Nov 26, 2022
X Tactical Watch Precio

For the Colombian special forces, the V3 Tactical SmartWatch has arrived. X Tactical Watch

The United States Navy's Special Forces were instrumental in shaping the design of the next iteration of the SMARTWATCH. X Tactical Watch

It has cutting-edge features and is sturdy enough to withstand any environment. Therefore, it shows you extremely useful data about your actions and notifications on the screen at the same time.

Conceived solely for the use of the United States Marine Corps.

X Tactical Watch Precio Mexico

You may purchase it for 1190 MXN instead of the typical price of 4760 MXN if you hurry.

An adventure-ready smartwatch – X Tactical Watch


  • Perforated carbon coating (abbreviated to DLC) body. Invulnerable to the destructive forces of moisture, dirt, and forceful impact.
  • It's made of tough Gorilla Glass material. Touch screen, level 5. Light from the sun can be seen in total darkness.
  • Incoming calls, notifications via SMS, Facebook, Twitter, Skype, WhatsApp, and WeChat, a remote camera, enough of storage space, and an app that counts steps and calories burned.
  • The battery has a 33-month maximum lifespan. Because of the energy-saving feature.
  • Applicable to both iOS and Android devices.

X Tactical Watch

The best smartwatch of 2022 is a close second in a poll of its kind from 2020, and it works with both iOS and Android. X Tactical Watch

The battery can last for more than 33 months without needing to be recharged, making this the longest-lasting device on the market. It was designed for use by special forces. X Tactical Watch

It can be worn on a daily basis thanks to its simple yet elegant design.

Ideal for sportspeople: With the help of apps like Calorie Burn, monitoring progress toward a goal has never been simpler. It's also helpful to focus on getting good sleep. X Tactical Watch

X Tactical Watch Mexico


  • DAILY ACTIVITIES: The app is available for Android and IOS, and it is recommended that you use it if you want to get a handle on your daily routine.
  • MILEAGE: This smartwatch can tell you exactly how far you've run or hiked thanks to its built-in GPS.
  • Because of the compatibility with the phone, you can set up alerts for incoming calls, texts, WhatsApp messages, Facebook posts, and Instagram posts.
  • CATCH EVERY MOMENT: This gadget has a built-in camera function that lets you take pictures with the press of a single button.

You may purchase it for 1190 MXN instead of the typical price of 4760 MXN if you hurry. You can place your order now for just 1190 MXN, with payment due upon delivery.

X Tactical Watch Precio

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